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(Czech Republic, 2007)

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Sandra Nováková, Marie Dolezalova &
Lenka Vlasáková
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Plot: (from IMDb)

A coarse coming-of-ager from a country where that approach to the genre has garnered much coin in recent years, Czech drama Pusinky goes where most Hollywood teen pics fear to tread in its close-to-explicit depiction of sexual awakening and late-teen horseplay. Awarded the Finale Plzen fest's main prize on the strength of debuting helmer Karin Babinska's impassioned approach to the material, Pusinky will play fests but won't travel far theatrically.

Three 18-year-old coeds (Petra Nesvacilova, Sandra Nováková, Marie Dolezalova) decide a road trip to Holland is in order on the late-summer eve of more adult endeavors. Tagging along is one of the girls' kid brother, who bears witness to nude bathing, Sapphic experimentation and various identity crises. "Nobody's keeping an eye on anybody," is their oft-repeated mantra, with various heartaches explained by the eternally adolescent logic, "Everything's screwy anyway."

Lesbian content:

Iska (Marie Dolezalova) is a lesbian, and she's madly in love with Karolina (Sandra Nováková) who's straight unfortunately. When they're at a club at the beginning of the movie, Iska notices two women who are kissing each other. Iska, who up to this point has looked very bored, suddenly looks very interested. She follows the two women, and approaches one of them, Hanka (Lenka Vlasáková), when her girlfriend is in the ladies room. Inka doesn't manage to say a lot before Hanka's girlfriend comes back and they both leave.

Later on in the movie, Iska and Karolina kiss, but it it's just to scare off a sleazy guy by pretending that they're lesbians. The kiss meant much more than that for Iska obviously, and she kisses Karolina a few times more throughout the movie, and tries explain her feelings for her, but it doesn't go well.

Near the end of the movie, when they're back in their home town, Iska visits the same club as before. Hanka is there, and she notices how sad Iska looks. Hanka takes her with her to the ladies room to talk. After a long talk, Hanka takes pity on Iska and has sex with her right there. Afterwards, Hanka fixes her clothes and hair, gives Iska a kiss on the cheek, and leaves.