Play-Mate of the Apes

Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2002)

Average rating
Love scenes:2.0 
Movie overall:4.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Oral Fixation
Build-up  3 Kissing  4 Love scenes  2 Movie overall  4

Three zesty lesbians in outer space crash-land on a planet inhabited by mostly apes. It's basically a lame re-creation of the theme of Planet Of The Apes; but it's really poking fun at the entire idea. The lovely lesbian newcomers are first kidnapped and then later befriended by some of the natives. But they inevitably try to escape and fight off their foes. Throughout this chaos, 6 lesbian erotic scenes unfold.

Anoushka & Sharon Engert

The two blondes aboard the ship wake from their slumber and they start to make out. This scene probably has the most kissing in the movie; but they all have a generous share. Also the kissing is done properly enough; a nice blend of tounge play, closed, and open-mouthed kissing. They make out and caress and the foreign blond licks the other blond's neck and breasts. Their lips are quite wonderfully flushed from the foreplay. The scene then goes into a 69 setup and then it gets interrupted by the ship alarm.

Misty Mundae & Darian Caine

Misty Mundae (the only brunette astronaut and the most attractive cast member) and a lost, incoherent brunette native (not an ape) get captured by the apes and put into a cage together. First (after a little seductive groping) Misty goes down on the native for a time. Then there follows a nice kissing segment. The native then naturally reciprocates Misty's cunilingus and the scene ends with a nice kiss fade.
(Note: there are no close ups or up-front revelations of the oral sex segments)

Misty Mundae, Anoushka & Sharon Engert

After getting all thrown together by the apes and after a long time of boring excursion, when they're finally alone the three astronauts make out, fondle, lick each other's breasts and perform oral on each other. A little analingus is implied by Misty. Some nice kissing shots, but you keep wanting the camera to stay a little longer.

Misty Mundae & Shelby Taylor

Misty meets a brawny blond on the planet. This scene probably has the best buildup because it's both aggressive and sexy at the same time. This scene is probably my favorite (besides the first) because it involves the two most attractive cast members. A nice standing up kissing scene commences while they stroke each other's buttocks. Very erotic, they lick each other's breasts, done mostly by the blond. There's a little analingus done by Misty; but it isn't very convincing for this softcore flick. But it's the thought that counts; I just wish it could have been better "acted". They then give and receive oral and the scene ends.

Darian Caine & Shelby Taylor

Similar to the last scene, the two meet and begin a seduction cycle of from behind kissing and holding. The kissing is done a bit differently here. It's not as frequent as before but you get larger camera doses of it when it happens. This scene probably has my single favorite kissing shot after the brunette gives he blond analingus (much MORE convincingly- I mean it looks REAL and some of it probably was). The blond reciprocates the posterior licking; but not all that finely done. Just as before, non-revealed oral sex segments conclude the scene.
This was technically the best scene in terms of sexual audacity and raw variety; it had the most potential and that blond is just hot.

Misty Mundae, Anoushka, Darian Caine & Sharon Engert

As sort of the big last hurrah, these 4 cast members construct a last minute orgy before they leave the planet. It's a scene in pairs: Misty with the blond Austrian and the brunette native with the busty American blond astronaut. The two groups begin kissing, the brunette native's/busty blond's goes on a little longer though (I think these two like kissing more), but it's mostly in the background. This scene also had tremendous potential but it's probably the most disappointing scene which is unfortunate because it's the finale.
Misty and the foreign exchange astronaut have some quick but GREAT kissing and then enter and finish with a trib segment (which I'm not a big fan of; I'm not a girl:))

For a late night premium channel erotic movie; I'll give it 4 stars. I'd like to see more late night cable move in this direction. All lesbian and audacious; I'd love to see more like this. What makes a great lesbian movie is women who love sex and who love each other just as much. This movie, although it has that element, comes off more like a spring break party elevated several erotic levels. I hope there's a sequel. For a cable softcore flick; I was genuinely pleased to see a better than subpar amount of lesbian kissing. There wasn't enough; but there never is. If there's a sequel to this film; I'd see it.