"Paradise Hotel" (Denmark)
Season 7, Episode 17


(Denmark, 2011)

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Simone Desler Puggaard, Sophie-Fie Klem &
Regitze Bk Bonnichsen
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Simone (the dark-haired girl) is the newest arrival at the hotel, and to the other contestants' surprise, she's a lesbian. When they're partying, Simone says that she thinks Fie (blonde #1) is the hottest girl there. Fie finds out and is flattered, and even though she's probably straight as an arrow, it doesn't stop her from coming onto Simone like crazy. They kiss some, and when the party is over and it's time to go to bed, Simone seems to want to do more (last four still-images), but Fie turns her down.
Simone also kisses Regitze (blonde #2), who later tells Simone that she thinks she's bisexual.