The Other Woman

Erotic Movie (A)

(USA, 1992)

Average rating
Love scenes:4.2 
Movie overall:4.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  4 Kissing  4 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  3

A female reporter (Lee Anne Beaman), is investigating a businessman and his possible connections to the murder of his former girlfriend. Meanwhile, Beaman's husband leaves on an extended business trip. The day after he leaves, she discovers a picture of a mysterious woman in his dry cleaning and believes her husband is having an affair. So, she puts her investigation on hold and uses her reporter skills to track down this woman (Jenna Persaud). She follows Persaud around and finds she is an escort and a nude/erotic model.
Beaman meets Persaud and interviews her for a nonexistant story about escorts. It is at this point, Beaman decides to confront Persaud about her relationship with her husband. It is also around this point an old skeleton from Beaman's closet comes back to haunt her. What happens next makes for an interesting, very erotic thriller. Oh, and by the way, it's Beaman's birthday.

Victoria Deuschle & Regina Geisler

Beaman remembers a part of her past when she was a teenager and her mother was scolding her and telling her that she must "stay pure like a good Christian girl.... stay away from temptation". Then, in another flashback, she remembers walking in on her mother having sex with another woman.
Her mother (Victoria Deuschle) is a blonde, her lover (Regina Geisler) is a brunette. As young Beaman cracks open the door, Geisler is on top Deuschle eating her out. Then she goes up and kisses Deuschle, licks her breasts, and goes back to going down on her. This sequence repeats from a different angle, but the most important thing is that Beaman's mom then notices her daughter at the door, is a little peeved, but doesn't react in anyway to stop the lovemaking. Wide-eyed young Beaman is stunned at the display and closes the door.
This important scene ends as modern-day Beaman lays on her bed in a fetal position, upset about this memory and its effect on her. This "skeleton" in her closet will have an important effect on her later in the movie.

Lee Anne Beaman & Jenna Persaud

Beaman, after telling off Persaud, feels bad and desides to go back to Persaud's place to apologize. As she walks in she overhears Persaud's pimp of sorts, yelling at and threatening Persaud. Beaman watches the scene for a little bit and then surprises the pimp and Persaud by threatening to call the cops if he doesn't leave her alone.
He does leave after a while and Persaud is certainly distraught, sitting in on the floor of her den in tears. The guy is just out the door as Beaman runs up to comfort Persaud.
The camera zooms in on both of them as Persaud says she's "so scared." Beaman tells her it will be "all right" and then hugs her. Then, they look at each other again and after an ackward pause, they have a short kiss. Then they look at each other again and then Beaman meets Persaud with an extended kiss as the scene changes to a different view.
We pick things up from a different angle, starting in the kitchen as we see both Jess and Persaud's laying on a rug in the den. From a distance we see them kiss only to realize that we are seeing this as a reflection off a mirror. The camera then turns and "walks" toward the two, who are both partially nude and kissing. The camera settles for a while then we see a reverse view where Persaud helps Beaman out of the panties and then removes her own. Beaman then rolls on top of Persaud and kisses her from mouth to stomach, stopping at her belly button. We get a closeup of her licking Persaud's belly button.
Then, in a most interesting camera angle, the camera starts from underneath Beaman and pulls out as Beaman lowers her mouth to kiss Persaud's. We get to see their sweet glistened bodies meet as they kiss, which is what makes this unusual for a soft-core cable film. As they kiss, Persaud rolls on top of Beaman and kisses her from mouth to belly button in the same fashion. We see closeups of Beaman's wide-eyes as Persaud licks her lips and then her belly and belly button. We then get an overhead view of Persaud moving down to eat Beaman out and Beaman reacts accordingly.
Finally, the scene cuts of Persaud and Beaman lying on the floor, with Persaud holding Beaman from behind. Beaman is asleep and Persaud looks over her naked body. Cut to another overhead shot (above a ceiling fan) shows the same thing -- Beaman peacefully sleeping while holding Persaud's hand as Persaud lies beside her and we see clothing scattered about.
As the scene fades, Persaud looks up to the corner of the room where a video camera has been silently recording all that has been going on. The next scene shows a naked Beaman in bed, waking up and looking for Persaud. Seeing that Persaud isn't there, she decides to take a shower and sees a note from Persaud about how she went to go get her birthday present.
[In a subsequent scene, Beaman will present some of her research to her co-workers in the form of a videotape. This tape will be replaced by the love scene we just saw as her coworker (who obviously has ties to the people who own the camera) switches tapes. Beaman is stunned that a very private moment in her life was revealed to her coworkers and she runs out of the room. We only get to see very quick and poor cuts from the love scene, so this doesn't seem to warrant a scene #3]

You have to have the unedited version to enjoy these scenes. Otherwise, we are treated to a short collage of quick cuts that leave you longing for more.
This is a very erotic movie. Beaman starts off as an ice queen but becomes a sparkplug by the end of the movie. She was clearly upset and had issues with what her mother did and ended up resolving them by partaking in a similar interlude. Good for her because she became more beautiful and attractive by the end of the movie when she discovered herself.
This movie also doesn't have that bad a plot although it takes some willing suspension of the disbelief to believe that the businessman (at the end) knew that setting her up in a lesbian scene was one of the buttons he knew to push (to get her in trouble with her boss and ultimately fired). Otherwise, it is an interesting movie with good action and good eye-candy.
The Troubleshooter
Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

Definitly a favorite of mine, mostly because it's one of the first lesbian scenes I ever saw. The build up in the film is fantastic (they dont have sex until the final third of the movie) so by the time it happens, you know the lead character well enough for the scene to be really hot. Some of the camera movemets are real neat (I like the shot between their bodies) and the closeups show every bead of sweat on them. Highly Recommended.
Build-up  4 Kissing  3 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  4

One of the better sex and crime b-movies. The build-up is quite nice, the love scenes are filmed in a very erotic way, e.g. I like to see the heat between Beaman and Persaud shown by the sweat on their bodies. Although in my opinion Persaud seems to be a little uncomfortable. The highlight is the scene between Geisler and Deuschle which is highly erotic due to fact of doing something forbidden.
Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

Saw this movie when it first came out. I fell in love with the darker woman who plays the escort. The lesbian scene is pretty hot. Like already stated, you need to see the un-edited version to really appreciate the scene. Overall this is not a lesbian movie. Most of the sex scenes are non-lesbian. But the one lesbian scene is so good, it's worth watching the whole movie. Which of course is not too good.
Build-up  4 Kissing  4 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  4

The Other Woman is another one of my late night cable favorites. The love scene between Lee Anne Beaman and Jenna Persaud is truly amazing. Two hot woman making steamy love, passionatly in Jenna's flat. The two make a perfect couple. Like other movies, I wished that they had another fling together. It would have been perfect. I sought out the video because the movie was slightly edited when it was on cable TV. After I watched the video, I am glad to say that I wasn't dissapointed.
Build-up  3 Kissing  4 Love scenes  5 Movie overall  5

For me, this is a masterpiece of lesbian movies. Though the performances of the actors is quite poor, the beautiful bodies of Beaman and Persaud and the incredible love scene between them, make it worth seeing. An absolutely must for each fan of lesbian movies.