"The O.C."
episode: The Rainy Day Women

Mainstream TV-series

(USA, 2005)

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Love scenes:None 
Episode overall:5.0 

Explicitness:  1

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Build-up  3 Kissing  4 Love scenes  Episode overall  5

This episode promised us, on the preview last week, the coming out of Marissa to her Mom.

Mischa Barton & Olivia Wilde

Marissa's Mother is standing in the kitchen exchanging friendly banter with Alex (Olivia Wilde) about her once being punk back in her day, and when she turns around to slice a bagel, Alex pulls Marissa (Mischa Barton) in for a sneaky kiss that last's a couple seconds. When Marissa's Mom turns around there done kissing and Alex say's she has to go and after Alex leaves Marissa comes out to her Mom.

Mischa Barton & Olivia Wilde

After Marissa had left her mom in shock about her being in a relationship with a woman, she headed over to Alex's, and when Alex opens the door Marissa grabs her and kisses her twice then informs her that she told her mother about them. Alex thinks that Marissa told her just to piss her off but in truth Marissa said it was so the relationship could be real. Alex has a look of relief and then tell's Marissa to stay but first they need to get her out of those wet clothes.

Mischa Barton & Olivia Wilde

Marissa has just finished moving in her stuff to Alex's. Alex is sitting on the couch drinking a beer and say's she has to go to work and asks Marissa to walk with her in the rain and she agrees so Alex kisses her

Mischa Barton & Olivia Wilde

They have arrived at the Club where Alex works and Alex gives Marissa a kiss good bye.