8MM 2

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(USA, 2005)

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in lesbian scenes:

Lori Heuring, Zita Görög,
Sandy & Bridgett
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Plot: (from IMDb)

David Huxley is an American politician living in Hungary whom gets blackmailed by an unknown party after being videotaped having sex with his fiancée Tish (Lori Heuring) and a local supermodel (Zita Görög). Desperate to find the extortionists, David goes into the sordid Red Light district of Eastern Europe, only to end up kidnapped, leaving Tish to try to come up with a $5 million ransom on her own.

Lesbian content:

Apart from the dirty dancing at the club, and the threeway that follows, there's also a scene where Tish and her husband are visiting an adult movie set. There they watch as two girls are having sex. The two girls in this scene, Sandy and Bridgett, have appeared in many of Viv Thomas' movies. I also spotted some other Viv Thomas models (Peaches, Gina B and Sandra Shine) later on in the movie.
I do wonder what went through the actress Lori Heuring's mind when she watched Sandy and Bridgett. I presume it was the first time she was seeing two girls having sex in real-life.