3 Days of Darkness
a.k.a. Tatlong Araw ng Kadiliman


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(Philippines, 2007)

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Gwen Garci & Katya Santos
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Plot: (from Divisoria)

What would happen if the world would come to an end when you least expect it? Such is the fate that befalls three women in "3 Days Of Darkness".
Kimberly, Michiko and Isabel, each keeping a dark secret of their own, are trapped inside a house in Baguio when the apocalyptic prophecy begins. However, their secret desires and hidden emotions surface when they find themselves in a volatile situation. What evil lurks in the dark that makes playthings out of these hapless women? What horror awaits them? Now, they must cope and try to fend off demons that have come to take them.
This ultra-dark, ultra-seductive video features the daring and luscious duo of Hot Babes Katya Santos and Gwen Garci with their newest Hot Babe sister Precious Adona.

Lesbian content:

Two of the girls (Gwen Garci and Katya Santos) are in a relationship, and what better way to spend your last days than having sex with your partner, they must be thinking.

Please be aware that this scene is incredibly dark. I had to adjust the screen caps considerably to make them look like they do now. When you watch the scene on the DVD, it is nearly pitch black. If you're lucky, you can now and then see *something* moving on the screen, that's how dark it is. It's a great shame, because the scene is long and pretty nice.