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(Italy, 2007)

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Tiffany Shepis & Caroline De Cristofaro
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Plot: (from JoeHorror)

Sarah (Tiffany Shepis), an American woman, has dedicated herself to a life of quiet contemplation; the life of a Catholic nun. Her Diocese recommends Sarah head to Italy with their blessing in order to join a very selective convent called The New Order. There she will forego all comfort and devote herself completely to the glorification of God. Joining this particular convent though may not be as easy as Sarah had initially thought. Mother Superior informs her that there is a series of steps she must follow in order to truly become a nun in The New Order; the steps are “hear” the Lord, “see” the Lord, “touch” the Lord and finally “talk” with the Lord.

As Sarah is forced to endure these grueling steps of faith by Mother Superior and the drunken Doctor Rinaldi, she begins to experience disturbing visions of the convent’s past and the terrible deeds that had occurred there. Slowly she becomes more and more entrenched in the visions of the past and develops a bond with a woman named, Nympha (Caroline De Cristofaro). Can Nympha help Sarah or is there a greater purpose at work?

Lesbian content:

Nympha enters Sarah's room, heals her blindness with a kiss, and then makes love to her.