Mocha Uson & Mae dela Cerna


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(Philippines, 2011)

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Mocha Uson & Mae dela Cerna
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Here are more screen caps from videos with Philippine singer/actress/model Mocha Uson. I'm quite fascinated by her. She's obviously very beautiful, but what makes me really like Mocha is her almost magical ability to attract women and make them do things they wouldn't normally do. She's very popular among other celebrity women in the Philippines! I also love the fact that she's a vocal gay rights activist and is constantly trying to push for sex education in the Philippines.

The screen caps above come from videos on her blog where she and Mae dela Cerna, a relatively new member of the girl group "Mocha Girls", are talking about various sexual topics, and sometimes demonstrating things on each other. For instance, in pictures #10-14, they're teaching how to perform oral sex on a woman, but since they can't actually show it, Mae is using Mocha's mouth to demonstrate on instead. That is why Mocha is just sitting there doing nothing, but the result is pretty exciting to watch!

I also have some good news regarding Mocha and Mae. In September, a new movie comes out where the two of them will have, judging by the looks of it, a pretty hot scene together. Below are three behind-the-scenes photos from the shooting of the scene. The title of the movie is So Much Pain, So In love, and it's about the hardships of a bisexual woman. Mocha's love interest in the movie is played by Anthea Murfet, a Philippine/Australian model
(click here for a picture of her).