Mistress Frankenstein


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2000)

Average rating
Love scenes:4.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Mr. Lova Lova
Build-up  3 Kissing  2 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  3

Baroness Helena Frankenstein is a sexually repressed beauty who is involved in a trgic horse riding accident. Her husband, Victor Frankenstein, searches for a brain to implant in her head and bring her back to life. The brain he acquire once belonged to a lesbian nymphomaniac. Helena becomes a female loving sex machine and must have every woman she encounters. An angry mob plans to destroy Victor's "evil" creation but not even the angriest mob can resist women ravaging each other.

Jade Duboir & Jessie Harcourt

The two actresses play as housemaids. They are having a conversation about their two bosses. Jessie is in the tub and Jade begins to strip in order to join her. Jessie protests at first, but eventually allows Jade to enter the tub with her. Jade begins washing her back and then starts to caress Jessie's body. From there until the end Jade is in complete control. She "deflowers" Jessie's @hole with her finger and her breast.

Darian Caine & Heidi Christine

Heidi Christine is a broadway girl and Darian plays as Mistress Frankenstein. She takes the wanna be broadway girl to a nearby motel and forces herself on her. The broadway girl fights to resist at first but not for long. They take turns eating one another and when they're done Darian kicks her out the motel room. It's rather funny.

Darian Caine & Victoria Vega

Victoria Vega plays as an angry wife. Darian comes downstairs and finds Victoria at a pool table fussing at her no good husband. Darian offers to give the angry wife a full body massage and rushes her upstairs. She begins the massages and then takes the angry wife's body. This scene is not very intimate so I was disappointed by the performance of these two goddesses of Seduction Cinema.

Darian Caine & A.J. Khan

A.J. Khan plays as a prostitute in this Seduction Cinema film. Darian tells her to do her and Khan obliges. This scene is very fun to watch. There seems to be chemistry between the two actresses. There is visible tongue play as they kiss and the two eventually get into a 69 position.

Jade Duboir, Darian Caine & Jessie Harcourt

The end-scene of the movie where Mistress Frankenstein (Caine), who's now much more open, has sex with the two maids. Halfway through the scene, the director decides to be "creative" so a totally annoying light is turned on (a stroboscope?) which makes it impossible to follow what's going on!

This film is very interesting and fun to watch.

Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

The bathtub scene early in this movie (scene one) involving housemaid Jessie Harcourt and housekeeper Jade Duboir really made this one for me. While neither woman is the star of the video they both displayed an erotic chemistry far exceeding their roles. Jessie is seduced into becoming Jade's plaything, submissively offering herself to the the housekeeper as she got down on elbows and knees, surrendering her gorgeous ass to Jade's kisses and caresses. Very nice! Unfortunately their encounter together is interrupted by Mrs. Frankenstein, but it was wonderful while it lasted.