Mainstream Movie

(USA, 1999)

Average rating
Love scenes:2.3 
Movie overall:2.3 

Explicitness:  2

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Build-up  5 Kissing  3 Love scenes  3 Movie overall  3

A Homicide detective (Ellen Barkin) investigates a series of murders, all victims being women. The investigation leads her to a group of wealthy upper class women. She meets one of them, the prime suspect (Peta Wilson). Barkin is drawn to Wilson, although she does everything she can to fight her feelings.

Peta Wilson & Wendy Crewson

Peta Wilson is visiting a high-class clothing store where she begins a conversation with Crewson who's about to go to the dressing-booth to try on a dress. When Crewson walks in there, Wilson follows her and begins to kiss her, and at the end of the scene, you can see her pulling down Crewson's panties.

Peta Wilson & Ellen Barkin

Peta Wilson and Ellen Barkin is in a kitchen and Wilson starts to come on to Barkin by asking her if she has ever fantisized about other women or if she wants a threeway to "ease you into it". After a while they begin kissing each other. It's followed by Wilson kissing Barkin's stomach and then beginning to pull down Barkin's panties. Barkin panics and pushes Wilson down on the floor...:(

Both scenes are incredibly erotic in my opinion. The clothing-store setup in the first scene is something I've never seen in a regular movie before and the way Peta Wilson, almost like a hunting cat, stalked her prey and with great determination seduced her in the dressing-booth was simply excellent. Scene #2 is also very erotic with Peta Wilson seducing Ellen Barkin in the kitchen.
Peta Wilson is so beautiful, strong and sensual and I don't think any other actress could have been more perfect to play the role of a lesbian seductress. I suspect that Peta Wilson, in real life, would be able to pull of what her character did in the clothing store if she wanted to!
Build-up  5 Kissing  3 Love scenes  2 Movie overall  1

This movie had such potential: Peta Wilson is the lesbian predator of your dreams! But the movie really only gives us two chances at lesbian action. The first is a extremely hot but brief seduction in a dept. store. Wilson see what she wants, and goes & gets it! Very quick, very nice! The other scene has great sexual tension between her and Ellen Barkin, but just when things start getting really promising, Barkin wimps out and that's all, folks.
There's some sexual tension sprinkled throughout the movie, but it's interspersed with some really grisly psychosexual murder. There's about 180 very hot seconds in the movie, but all the rest of the unpleasantness isn't worth sitting through.
The Troubleshooter
Build-up  5 Kissing  3 Love scenes  2 Movie overall  3

Great set up in this film, and the scene where Peta Wilson gets with the lady in the dressing room is hot! And the scene with Ellen Barkin is pretty good as well. Overall, it's an intresting combo of actresses, and watching Barkin (usually portraying tough characters) take the submissive role with Wilson is nice to watch. I only wish the movie had been better, since just after that scene the whole movie switches to a bizarre murder plot, and the lesbian stuff is dispensed with completly.