Love & Suicide


Lesbian Movie

(USA, 2006)

Average rating
Love scenes:4.0 
Movie overall:2.0 

Explicitness:  2

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Build-up  4 Kissing  5 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  2

A girl, Kaye, from a religious household moves to New Orleans, and instantly meets a new friend, Emily. They grow closer, with Emily, and then Kaye realizing they're in love with each other. Their bond grows, despite their mothers' religious warnings. In then end though, the pressure from Kaye's mum is too much, and she begins to distance herself from Emily, and even starts dating a guy. This causes their relationship to be changed forever.

Stella Johnson & Sarah Reardon

After Emily realizes she's in love with Kaye, she goes to her house, and gives Kaye an emotional kiss to the side of her mouth. They go to Kaye's bed, and talk for a bit, before Emily leaves.

Stella Johnson & Sarah Reardon

Kaye finally realizes she's in love with Emily, and tells her. They share a kiss. They move to Kaye's room, and start to make out. Emily removes Kaye's shirt, and they continue to make out. The scene switches to them both (apparently) nude in bed, kissing each other passionitely.

Stella Johnson & Sarah Reardon

Emily goes out of town for the Christmas holidays, and Kaye misses her. When she gets back, Emily gives Kaye a ring, to show her commitment. They share a couple of kisses on the bed.

The movie is very low budget, and some of the camera work/acting isn't great. However, the story is well written, and the you can feel the love/passion between the actresses. The bedroom scene seems very realistic, with both women seeming to enjoy it.
The story has a bit of a surprise/sad ending, but overall, it's definitely a good movie to watch.