Lolida 2000
(USA, 1997)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Movie (B)   
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              Reviewer:  Auburn                      Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

Kind of a convoluted plot involving sex in the distant future, not the year 2000 (forget the title). Jacqueline Lovell sort of plays your "mistress of ceremonies," introducing the next video segment, as it were. While not 100% girl/girl, this one was done before the guys at Surrender Cinema turned against that genre, so it's worth a look!

Jacqueline Lovell (a.k.a. Sara St. James) & unknown

There's one segment where the camera cuts to Jacqueline, clearly expecting her to intro the next scene, but instead she's making out with a beautiful brunette. While clearly staged, I found this scene rather kinky and enjoyable to watch. You know, catching two beautiful women in the act, and witnessing their embarrassment at getting caught! All rather fun, I thought!

Nikki Nova & Skylar Nicholas

There's a scene where a beautiful blonde female rocket pilot (Nicholas) who is forced down on an unidentified planetoid. Here she is sentenced to imprisonment for supposedly trespassing into forbidden territory. Anyway, she'd put into a cell with a gorgeous redhead (Nova who's a 'feline' species of humanoid). The feline finds the blonde attractive, and proceeds to seduce her. The two have a very erotic scene together, with lots of passionate kissing and fondling!

Skylar Nicholas & Lisa Comshaw

Nicholas is brought before the evil warden, played by Comshaw. She plays the role of an evil lesbian warden to perfection! While the manacled Nicholas stands defiantly with her hands cuffed overhead, the warden smacks her on the ass and then proceeds to enjoy her delicious body! She kisses her passionately, running her hands all alone the silky smoothness of Nicholas' smooth skin, cupping her hands on Nicholas' curvy rear, spanking it while doing so! Eventually Nicholas plays along, but only as a subterfuge to trick the warden into unlocking her hands. A very erotic scene, in my opinion!