Lesbian strip club
(USA, 1998)
            Category/Genre:   Documentary/Amateur   
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This is a documentary about an unusual kind of strip club. It's one where women can watch other women strip for them! It's located in Hollywood and one of strippers says in the documentary that people would get surprised if they knew who'd been there...
In interviews with the strippers, they talk about the all-female crowd and the difference between dancing for men and women. There is also fotage of the crowd interacting with the strippers on stage and at the tables in front of the stage.

The documentary was very good. It was especially interesting to hear what the strippers thought about dancing for other women. A stripper said for example that it was such a turn-on for her when she first noticed the effect she had on the women in the crowd. Another stripper talked about the female customers and how their touches felt so different from her male customers touches.
There's nothing explicit shown in the documentary, just some light touching and the female audience expressing their rather wild appreciation for the dancers.