Las lesbianas y la caliente niña Julieta


European 1970s/1980s

(Spain, 1983)

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in lesbian scenes:

Andrea Albani, Concha Valero &
Nina Herlan
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Plot: (from cinehound)

Sofía (Concha Valero) and her lover Elena (Nina Herlan) are first seen on the road, driving their ramshackle convertible and amusing themselves by picking up pretty female hitchhikers, then ditching them if they don't appeal or fail to give in to them. One of the girls they come across in this manner is Julieta (Andrea Albani), whom they decide to treat respectfully and put up in their seaside house.
Sofía wants Julieta but the latter seems more interested in a man named Nacho. Sofía, with Elena's complicity, sets up a date between Julieta and the guy, and then engineers the situation so as to make Julieta disappointed in the man and thus, apparently, bring her within availability for Sofía. After numerous complications, permitting a maximum of different combinations between the characters, Julieta settles down with dull Nacho, and Sofía and Elena are last seen driving off in search of more hitchikers.