Je te mangerais
a.k.a. You Will Be Mine


Mainstream Movie

(France, 2009)

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Isild Le Besco & Judith Davis
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Plot: (from UniFrance)

Marie (Judith Davis) leaves her family and moves to Lyons to study piano at the conservatory there. For economic reasons, she shares an apartment with Emma (Isild Le Besco), a childhood friend, who has lived alone since her father’s death and her mother abandoned her. Marie submits to the rules and regulations imposed by her roommate, which become increasingly oppressive as time goes by. Emma fascinates, dominates, and undermines Marie as she struggles between her desire for Emma and the urge to escape. Her obsession drains her energy, and she loses her focus for music…

Lesbian content:

I could watch any film with Isild Le Besco. Her screen presence is unique, and she embodies everything I love about French women. They're graceful, sensual, charismatic and seem to have a high dose of personal integrity. I've been waiting for a long time to see Isild appear in something more than a teaser lesbian scene, so even though the characters Emma and Marie have a love/hate relationship and are never shown having sex, I'm still rather happy with this film.