Je suis une nymphomane
Carole - Una Historia Prohibida
I Am a Nymphomanic


European 1970s/1980s

(France, 1970)

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Sandra Julien & Janine Reynaud
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Plot: (from LearMedia)

Carole is an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. Then one day it happens. She discovers her body, sex and sin. Will she ever be free from the torment of her passionate desires?
A classic piece of adult cinema from the golden age of French erotica. The film stars the gorgeous Sandra Jullien as Carole and the exotic Janine Raynaud as her lesbian lover.

Lesbian content:

When Carole comes to Paris, she meets an older sophisticated woman (played by Janine Raynaud), and the two eventually become lovers. Later on, Carole tries to seduce a girl who is hitch-hiking.