Intimzone Schwiegereltern


Mainstream Movie

(Germany, 2004)

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Doreen Jacobi & Doreen Dietel
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In this comedy, Annette (Doreen Jacobi) and Lars have invited each other's families to stay in their home over a weekend. They have planned to announce their upcoming marriage, and want their families to get to know each other better. Things don't go well though. The two families don't get along at all, and there are many disputes. This rubs off on Annette and Lars as well.

Lesbian content:

Lars has always suspected that Annette might be a lesbian. A woman (Doreen Dietel) helps Annette and Lars with their car, and when she and Annette stumble upon each other in the bathroom, sparks fly. Judging by how wildly and passionately Annette is kissing this woman, I think she should reconsider her plans to marry Lars.