Immagini di un convento
a.k.a. Images In a Convent


European 1970s/1980s

(Italy, 1979)

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Paola Senatore & Marina Hedman
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After the death of her husband, Countess Isabella di Lagnano joins the Santa Floria convent only to find that the nunnery has succumbed to the to the seductive influence of the devil. The bedeviled nuns engage in nonstop lesbian and heterosexual couplings. The situation worsens when a travelling priest discovers the bewitched convent and tries to intervene.

Lesbian content:

There are three very beautiful lesbian scenes in this unforgettable movie: A nun sneaks into another nun's bedroom one night, and begins to caress and lick the other nun while she's still asleep! Next we can see the sneaking nun first being punished by the Mother Superior for her unpure thoughts, and immediately after that being kissed and licked by the very same woman..:) Near the end of the movie, we have a more "normal" lesbian love scene involving these two.