Huevos de oro
Uova d'oro
Golden Balls

Mainstream Movie

(Spain/Italy/France, 1993)

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Maria de Medeiros & Maribel Verdú
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Plot: (from All Movie Guide)

In this drama, the oversexed hunk Benito spends a good portion of his military service in north Africa dreaming of sex, money and power - but mostly sex.
Somehow, when he is released from the service, he marries the daughter (Maria de Medeiros) of a real moneybags, and he uses some of those resources to build a gigantic skyscraper in the form of a phallus. After a car crash leaves him partially paralyzed and very despondent, his ill-used wife kicks him out and he moves to Miami, where he picks up a woman who (in a reversal of roles) loves 'em and leaves 'em. For some reason, this circumstance cuts our previously almost irrepressibly priapic hero to the heart, and he sobbingly realizes the extent of his losses.