Hollywood Sex Fantasy


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2001)

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Lyssa & Rea'l
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Plot: (from Xploited Cinema)

Celebrity status, a Porsche, a mansion and a thong of sex-crazed female fans. What more could a man want, especially when that man is delivering pizzas while he tries to launch his acting career?
Fate is on Tim’s side when top Hollywood actor Cameron Hunter hires him in a bizarre body double scheme. His job? To live the life of a movie star while the real Cameron Hunter skips town. Granting interviews to sexy reporters who will do anything to meet him, frolicking with groupies he finds skinny dipping in his pool and making love to Hunter’s beautiful and unknowing girl-friend are just a few of the incredible perks.
Can Tim pull off this opportunity of a lifetime without running his chances for success… and the career of the real Cameron Hunter?

Lesbian content:

The two actresses in this scene, Lyssa and Rea'l, are a real-life married couple.