The Girl Who Shagged Me


Erotic Movie (B)

(UK/USA, 2005)

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Love scenes:0.0 
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Review this movieActresses known to appear
in lesbian scenes:

Anoushka, Sally Huxley,
Misty Mundae, Rachel Travers,
A.J. Khan & Candy Peaks
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Plot: (from IMDb)

When the fate of the planet hangs by a thread, you better believe that Super-Secret Agent Johnson (Misty Mundae) - Agent .0069 - is on the job and ready for a sexy, outrageous, pulse-pounding adventure. In London, Diabolical Dr. Unsound has stolen the archaeological find of the century - the frozen body of the legendary "Goddess of Lust" whose supernatural powers of seduction, if unleashed, can bring the world to its knees. Freed from the icy tomb and on the prowl for a hot time, the Goddess begins her quest for earthly domination while leaving a trail of sensual exhilaration in her wake. Agent Johnson is quickly dispatched to intercept the threat, and her keen mind and very able body is more than up to the task. Weilding her girl-next-door beauty like a precision weapon, Johnson will go farther than she's ever gone before in service to her country...and her own desires.