Friend of the Family
(USA, 1995)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Movie (A)   
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       Reviewer:  Jen  (Scene #2 edited by oki)          Correct/Add Info         Review this movie!

A family having problems getting along receives a visit from an old friend (Griffin Drew) who decides to stay a while. She eventually ends up getting on with almost everyone in the house, and subsequently, mending the family's problems.

Shauna O'Brien & Griffin Drew

The two women are bathing when O'Brien, the family friend puts the moves on the mom/wife (Drew). She's hestitant at first, but then really gets into it.

Shauna O'Brien & Lisa Boyle

There's another scene in the film where it looks like O'Brien is going to get it on with the daughter (Lisa Boyle) but nothing happens. They just lip-kiss.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. There was of course both lesbian and straight sex in the film, but the afore mentioned scene was pretty good.

Build-up: 1   Kissing: 3   Love-scenes: 2   Movie overall: 2
Pretty stupid movie with pretty stupid characters, but there is a brief lesbian scene. O'Brien is trying to fix Drew's marriage because Drew is unhappy. She wants Drew to have some fun, so Drew says, "What did you have in mind?" Cut to the next day where they are, for some reason, having sex in the bathtub. Just like that. I wish I could just suggest something and then have an immediate cut to sex in the bathtub. Anyway, so the two women are kind of playing with each other according to off-camera directions; Drew shows a certain interest in O'Brien's butt; and the scene is not very erotic. The women are terrible fakers. For some reason these women don't even seem to regard this as sex, (and it wasn't really) it was just something they did to pass the time. Anyways, don't rent the movie for this scene.