Les Filles du botaniste

a.k.a. The Chinese Botanist's Daughters


Lesbian Movie

(France/Canada, 2006)

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Mylène Jampanoï & Xiao Ran Li
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Plot: (from Variety)

Forbidden love upsets the real and symbolic balance of an earthly paradise in "The Chinese Botanist's Daughters," a languid lesbian romance set in China in the early '90s.
At the pic's outset, Li Min (Mylene Jampanoi) leaves the orphanage where she was raised from age 3 after her parents were killed in a 1976 earthquake. She is to serve a six-week internship with famed botany professor, Chen.
Chen, a widower, is a precision-obsessed and humorless disciplinarian, waited on hand and foot by his 20-year-old daughter, the lovely Cheng An (mainland Chinese TV thesp Li Xiaoran). On the lush island where the protags tend to the makings of ancient herbal remedies, one thing leads to another and the two young women are soon tending their own forbidden fruit.
When An's strapping 26-year-old brother Dan comes home on military leave from Tibet, the prof inexplicably urges his son to marry Min. While deeply unfair to all concerned, the illicit female lovers see this as a way to turn Min's internship into a permanent situation.