(Sweden, 2001)
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The two scenes described below are not in the actual movie. The stills are captured from from the extra material on the DVD. The movie itself is about a group of teenagers going to a rock-festival and in the extra material, there's a lot of documentary fotage from the festival here in Sweden where they filmed the movie.


Two girls can be seen first hand cuffing themselves to each other and then begin to make out.
About the hand cuffing thing..I don't really understand that. I've seen many teenage girls here where I live walk around hand cufffed to each other..in clubs, on the streets..even in movie theatres! Can someone explain this to me?? I would like to think it's a very expressive way for them to show everyone that they're an inseparable couple but it's probably something less interresting..:)


Two other girls give each other a quick lip-kiss.


Re: Why the young women handcuffed themselves together before kissing...
Mild SM has been played at in the gay community for many years. When I was in my 20s and going out with a stripper from Montreal, ;), we sometimes handcuffed ourselves together and went out at night. It was exciting, erotically charged, and gave people a thrill/shock, which at that time, was fun...