Femme Fatale
(France/USA, 2002)
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A girl (Romijn-Stamos) double-crosses her partners in crime and takes the identity of a girl who comitts suicide to escape certain death. Pretending to be French, she marries a rich American only to return to France when he is named American ambassador in Paris.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos & Rie Rasmussen

Not a very explicit scene, but one of the most interesting I've seen. Romijn-Stamos pretends to be a photographer at the Cannes film festival and lures Rasmussen into the ladies-room where they start making out. Romijn-Stamos starts taking diamond outfit off of Rasmussen while her partner replaces them with fake ones.

Romijn-Stamos and Rasmussen did a great job in bringing out the passion on the surface.

Build-up: 5   Kissing: 4   Love-scenes: 1   Movie overall: 4
We have to be honest: This movie is a nothing but eye candy, but what eye candy! Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is incredibly hot throughout the picture, but the steamy lesbian seduction scene is one of the all-time best! Both actresses play their parts with gusto. The movie gets high marks for eroticism, low marks for storyline.
Try not to worry about the massive plot holes,the jaw-droppingly stupid story twists, and the implicitly homophobic ending where she turns from lesbianism; just enjoy the ride & the scenery...

This is one hot kissing scene. When they first kiss, it last few seconds and cuts to another location but when it cuts back to them, they are kissing again. It doesn't get explicit beyond kissing and brief fondling of breasts. Boy do these babes know how to kiss! Worth catching not just for kissing but the unusual heist scene.
Another scene, flashfoward to 7 years in future. 2 girls in cafe, their face are not clear, but one of them(Rasmussen)(back only) is fondling the other one's legs.