Få meg på, for faen
a.k.a. Turn Me On, Dammit!


Mainstream Movie

(Norway, 2011)

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Helene Bergsholm & Beate Støfring
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Plot: (from Smells Like Screen Spirit)

Alma (Helene Bergsholm) is a 15-year-old virgin, well, except by her own hand; but what else is a teenage girl supposed to do when she is trapped in a secluded Norwegian town that has nothing to offer except empty roads, sheep, tractors and hay? Alma wants to get all hey, hey in the hayloft with Artur; but until that time comes, Alma must rely on a friendly phone sex operator at "Wet and Wild Dreams" to get her rocks off.

A relatively normal teenager with an overactive imagination that has been hijacked by hyperactive hormones, Alma daydreams incessantly about a variety of sexual encounters. Her fantasies begin to get so confused with reality that neither Alma nor the audience know which is which.

Lesbian content:

One of Alma's daydreams involve one of her best friends, the very dominant Ingrid. When Ingrid comes to visit her, Alma fantasises that Ingrid gets all bossy with her, telling her to "touch my breasts" and "now go down on me" (not direct quotes).