European 1970s/1980s

(UK, 1975)

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Linda Hayden & Fiona Richmond
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Plot: (from IMDb)

A novelist hires a quiet British country house so that he can work on finishing his latest novel. His agent arranges for a secretary to stay with him, in order to speed up its completion (played by Linda Hayden). However, this turns out to be a big mistake when she reveals that she has actually come to kill him for stealing the manuscript for his last novel from her husband, which drove him to suicide. The housekeeper, Kier's girlfriend (Fiona Richmond) and 2 local thugs all meet horrific ends as Hayden goes on her killing spree.

Lesbian content:

Before killing the girlfriend, the secretary first has sex with her.

A remake of this movie is currently being filmed, and Linda Hayden will have a role in this one as well. She plays the "creepy servant".