The Erotic Witch Project


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 1999)

Average rating
Love scenes:4.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  5 Kissing  3 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  3

Three college girls (Darian Caine, Laurie Wallace and Victoria Vega) are out camping. They're in search of the legendary Erotic Witch but soon they all become aware of her sensual spells which makes them think about nothing else than making love to each other.

Laurie Wallace & Darian Caine

Darian Caine is the first one to be influenced by the Erotic Witch. She becomes extremely excited and she can't keep her hands from Wallace and Vega.
One night in the tent, she wakes up and crawls over to Wallace and starts to caress her. Wallace wakes up and asks her what she's doing and tells her to stop but Caine says that she can't help it, she must touch her. She keeps on begging Wallace to let her touch her and finally Wallace gives in but "just so you can go back to sleep again". Victoria Vega is still sleeping and they're both worried that she will wake up so they're very quiet. Caine first caresses Wallace's breasts, stomach and legs. Then she pulls off Wallace's panties. Wallace has become very excited now and her initial resistance is all gone..
Wallace lays herself on her back and Caine starts to lick her breasts and then she goes down on her. After a while, Wallace starts to moan and Caine whispers: "Quiet, we don't wan't to wake up Victoria.." but Wallace says "I can't help it.."
Finally, Wallace returns the favor by licking Caine.

Victoria Vega & Laurie Wallace

Vega suspiciously wants to walk away alone so Wallace decides to follow her. When she finds her, Vega is leaning towards a tree and masturbating. She watches her for a while before she approaches her. Vega, who obviously is under the influence of the Erotic Witch now, tells Wallace to undress..she's seen her naked, why shouldn't Vega see her too. Wallace reluctantly agrees to take off her clothes but soon begins to enjoy Vega's caresses and they make love rather nicely.

Victoria Vega & Laurie Wallace

At this time, all three of them are under the influence of the Erotic Witch. They forget where they are, that they should leave the woods to go home...they forget about everything. All they can think of now is to make love to each other. They have a really hot three-way on a blanket.

Laurie Wallace, Victoria Vega & Darian Caine

The end-scene isn't much different form the last scene. This one takes place during the night though. What could be perticulary mentioned is that the scene starts with some very nice kissing!

This is Seduction Cinema's version of "Blair Witch Project". Seduction Cinema have also produced "Girl Explores Girl: The Alien Encounter", which was really "good" too. Unfortunately, all of their later movies I've seen have been awful. The Erotic Witch Project is a much better version than the original one in every aspect..It has better looking women, especially the very cute Laurie Wallace and Victoria Vega who's the sexiest actress I've ever seen. Her body is extremely curvy which is something I find very attractive about a woman. I'm not an admirer of todays thin women. The movie has also some really good lesbian love scenes, "Blair Witch Project" had, let me see..none! Finally, there's no men in the movie!! (if you don't count the townspeople who are interviewed in the beginning of the movie)
I have to mention one thing in perticular about scene #1. The build-up is excellent, it may sound like a typical porn-movie build-up but it's not. It was very nice to watch and both girls are pretty good actresses which helped a lot.
The movie is, in my oppinion, allreay a cult classic, watch it as soon as you possibly can!

Build-up  Kissing  Love scenes  Movie overall 

This movie TOTALLY ROCKS!!! It's better than the movie it parodies and the lesbian scenes are SWEEEEET!!! The girls are hot, but Laurie Wallace is one super cutie. I want to see more of her, so it's a good thing she has two strong on the lesbo videos coming from Seduction Cinema in the coming months.