Erotic Witch Project 2:
Book of Seduction


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2001)

Average rating
Love scenes:1.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  2 Kissing  3 Love scenes  1 Movie overall  3

Darian, the sole survivor of the original Erotic Witch out in those woods is now incarcerated in the Khan Institute for Mental Health. She is held in a straight jacket most of the time, examined and contained in a padded cell. But the witch is strong within her and all who come into contact with her; doctors, nurses, patients, and a probing tabloid reporter, are all infected with the Erotic Witch lifeforce and are turned into writhing, panting, pleasure-soaked sex machines shamelessly acting out their steamiest female fantasies on one another (it sez here). Which is good news for us of course.

Darian Caine & Rio

Rio is the head nurse and she tentatively loosens Darian's bonds in order to check bruises on her body, although Darian promises to be good. :-) There is groping and kissing and mutual licking, although it's very pornesque (kissing with tongues, over-emphasised groans of pleasure etc) and quite brief, although the build up is quite pleasant. Trouble is, seeing the gorgeous voluptuous womanhood of Rio in a skimpy nurses uniform leads you to expect more, so the scene tends to disappoint.

Rio & A.J. Khan

A.J. is the head doctor. She comes back to the hospital at the instigation of Rio, who is now infected with Erotic. Outside, Katie Jordon, investigative journalist, is preparing to report on-camera. Thus we see the next scene from the journalist team's POV from outside, through a window - and it's great! A.J. is jumped on by Rio and after the initial shock succumbs to her urgent kisses and caresses. The two girls are gorgeous and the kisses we get (although never enough of course) are better this time. A.J. is quite full-on in this scene and there is much caressing, breast sucking, pussy licking and some ass-work which I personally think is sadly lacking these days...

Katie Jordon & Darian Caine

Katie, with her camera crew (as ever, heard but not seen), discovers Darian's cell during the night and tries to interview her. Darian promises an interview if she agrees to fuck her. Katie thinks "hell, why not?" and they go to it...
I like the build-up to this scene because I love the idea of a girl who never previously thought of having lesbian sex suddenly deciding on the spur of the moment to give it a try. OK, I'm not kidding myself too much here, but one can imagine... :-) They kiss nicely, lips and breasts, and briefly 69. Kissing is quite nice here but the fake groans of please are a little distracting.

Rio & Allanah Rhodes

Allanah is a patient, visited by head nurse Rio, who finds she can't keep her hands off her. They pretty quickly go into 69 and they later trib. The sex follows the pattern of the rest of the film - rubbing, caressing, some kissing, groans of pleasure. No immense passion though - the scene is carried by the loveliness of the women.

Allanah Rhodes, Katie Jordon, Rio, Darian Caine & A.J. Khan

An orgy scene. More kissing here and it's nice. More to see of course but I'm afraid it appears as though they're going through the motions.

It should be remembered that the film is not XXX porn - no gaping vulvas here nor tongues dripping with love juice. The sex does come over as rather staged. There is a happy medium in my book and this errs on the gentile, almost emotionless side. Nevertheless, all the woman (do we not know them well by now?) are lovely and some go for it quite convincingly (AJ Khan excels). I generally found all the contact to be distant however - there were no here, no holding close, no deep kisses no deep, carnal lust.
There is humour in the dialogue and that gorilla makes a re-appearance (err...?). It's set in a hospital, so no lush sets - all a bit grey and sterile.
However, in short, I find that I do enjoy this film, but I have to be in the mood. The mood for something light, rather than something down and dirty.