The Erotic Mirror


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2002)

Average rating
Love scenes:3.5 
Movie overall:3.5 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  2 Kissing  3 Love scenes  3 Movie overall  3

The Story involves Laurie Wallace coming back to her hometown for vacation, and her stopping at a second hand store in which she purchases an antique mirror.Not knowing that the mirror is possesed by the previous owner a madam who was burned at the stake for running a whorehouse.She finds this out rather quickly and devises a way to release the spirit from the mirror.The way to do it is by having enough sexual energy released at one time to envoke the spirit.Thankfully for us the sexual energy needed in through girl on girl lovin,so laurie shows off the mirror to some female friends and the lovin begins.

Laurie Wallace & A.J. Khan

Laurie's first victim is A.J. a childhood friend who is now a doctor at a local hospital.Laurie brings the mirror in AJ's office to get her professional opinion and the power overtakes them and they engage in some lovin.They kiss, lick,fondle and the usual softcore oral satisfaction.After the fun stops AJ asks laurie to leave the mirror with her so she can evaluate it some more but laurie declines.

Laurie Wallace, Misty Mundae & Esmerelda DeLarocca

While out jogging Laurie runs into 2 more old highschool friends Misty and Esmerelda and they decide to meet for dinner at laurie's house.After Laurie's husband falls asleep the girls begin talking about old times and Laurie asks them if the 2 of them are lovers and with 2 smiles on their faces they ask "what ever gave you that idea" Laurie the decides that she should show the girls the mirror and it doesn't take long before the girls are undressed and satisfying their sapphic desires.There is some good kissing in this scene especially between Misty and Esmerelda.

Laurie Wallace, Misty Mundae, Esmerelda DeLarocca & Lora Renee

The next day misty and esmerelda come back but this time with another friend lora.The girls split off into groups of two Misty and Esmerelda and Laurie and Lora. This is another hot scene. Again great kissing in this one. They still can't build up enough sexual energy to release the spirit so they decide to give it one last try.

Laurie Wallace, Misty Mundae, Esmerelda DeLarocca, Lora Renee, Jade Duboir & A.J. Khan

This time Laurie, Misty, Esmeralda and Lora enlist the power of a psychic Jade Duboir to try to help but A.J. shows up still wanting the mirror for herself she says she does not believe in mumbo jumbo and that what they are trying to do won't work, so one of the girls says i know what will work and a six girl orgy begins. Finally they have built up enough sexual energy to release the spirit but the outcome is what none of them had predicted.

Seduction Cinema fans should enjoy this, the girls are attractive and the kissing is good, the story well lets just forget about the story. For this type of movie most people wont care about the story they will care about the girl on girl action and i would say this movie delivers in that area.

Build-up  3 Kissing  4 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  4

This is a fine lesbian film by USA standards. In each scene the ladies all seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, and this was my first experience with the cute, innocent-looking Misty Mundae. The fact that the boyfriend is shunned from the get-go is beautiful, and I knew then and there that the rest of the film would be to my liking. One drawback to the movie was the overly large, obnoxious fake breasts, and if you've seen the movie, I need not say more.