The Erotic Ghost


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2001)

Average rating
Love scenes:4.0 
Movie overall:3.0 

Explicitness:  4

Review this movieActresses known to appear
in lesbian scenes:

Victoria Vega, Jade Duboir,
Darian Caine & Tammy Parks
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Plot: (from LezloveVideo)

Doris (Darian Caine) is a sexy yet sexually unfulfilled housewife bored by the mundanity of her daily life. Ignored by her husband who's destined for his own bizarre day at the office, Doris experiences hot, luxurious love-making with a gorgeous ghostlike woman (Tammy Parks) who may or may not be real.

She also discovers a pair of voluptuous she-demons (Victoria Vega, Jade DuBoir) in her basement who seduce her in a body-quivering orgiastic three-way that seems all too real!

Amidst her pleasure-soaked moans of ecstasy, is Doris simply hallucinating or going crazy, or are these devilishly sensual and kinky lesbian encounters really happening? As her surreal and delirious day of non-stop eroticism continues, Doris cannot possibly imagine the final delectable seduction in store for her…the ultimate climax to her uninhibited adventure!