episode: The Greatest of Gifts
(USA, 2000)
               Category/Genre:   Mainstream TV-series   

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The work and lives of a group of emergency room doctors in Chicago.
Elizabeth Mitchell and Laura Innes are fairly new friends, they get on really well. Mitchell is gay, Innes is straight, but Mitchell is attracted to Innes.

Laura Innes & Elizabeth Mitchell

Mitchell comes into the room where Innes is, to thank her for her Christmas present. They talk a while and Innes says that there's no point in working like a maniac if you can't spend a little money on your friends once in a while. Mitchell looks unhappy and says that they're in a different place on this, and she can't be friends with Innes because she's attracted to her. Innes protests but Mitchell leans in and kisses her on the mouth. Innes responds for a few seconds but then pulls away.