European 1970s/1980s

(France, 1974)

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Sylvia Kristel, Marika Green,
Jeanne Colletin & unknowns
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Plot: (from Amazon)

When Emmanuelle was released in 1974 it caused uproar in France. President Pompidou tried to ban it, effectively catapulting it into the year's "must see" category of films and into history as the point at which softcore dallied with the mainstream and conceived a new kind of arty erotic cinema with equal appeal to both sexes.
Based on Emmanuelle Arsan's erotic novel and dubbed "the longest caress in French cinema", it tells the slight tale of a young expatriate woman in Thailand, encouraged by her husband--and practically everyone she meets--to explore her sexuality through free love and the pursuit of fantasy.

Lesbian content:

Emmanuelle was the most popular film in French cinemas during 1974, and I can understand the success it had at that time. The first half of this movie is really good.
Emmanuelle meets the fascinating Bee and, without telling her husband, follows Bee on an archaeological trip. Emmanuelle's husband is devastated (be careful what you wish for!), and while he's drowning his sorrows in a strip club, she's making love to Bee. Afterwards, Emmanuelle tries to tell Bee that she has fallen in love with her, but Bee breaks her heart by telling her she doesn't feel the same way.