Dollar Girl


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(USA, 2008)

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Regan Deal & Rachael Cornwall
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Plot: (from IMDb)

Carla Knight (Regan Deal) is a college senior, a beautiful girl from a small rural town. Her scholarship denied, Carla out of necessity becomes a nightclub stripper in order to pay her tuition. One night after leaving the club, she is raped. Carla gets her revenge on the rapist by killing him, which impresses her employer. The strip club owner tells his boss about Carla, who then approaches her about becoming a contract killer for the mob. Accepting her new vocation, Carla soon begins to use her body to seduce the targets before she kills them.

Lesbian content:

She doesn't kill everyone who gets close to her though. She begins a relationship with Lori (Rachael Cornwall), a girl working in the bar at the strip club.