Damien's Seed
(USA, 1996)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Thriller   
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   Reviewer:  Auburn  (Scene #1: JemyM)      Correct/Add Info                Review this movie!

This was one of those "action" movies where the only real action worth watching was the sex scenes. Still, that's not such a bad thing, especially when the sex scenes are hot --- and this one included a HOT one!

Shauna O'Brien & Leslie Olivan

They are eating dinner together, drinking wine, and when they stand up from the table, they kiss.

Jacqueline Lovell, Shauna O'Brien & Leslie Olivan

Jacqueline Lovell's character is investigating some wrongdoing, and she's at the lair of the bad girls themselves (Shauna O'Brien and Leslie Olivan). Of course, once they realize who she really is, they drug her. Shauna's character puts something in her drink. When Jacqueline gets all woozy and faint, Shauna and Leslie decide it's time to have some fun. So they begin removing Jacqueline's clothes and proceed to enjoy her lovely body!

I really liked the above scene! I especially loved it when Jacqueline is laying on her stomach while the other two women kiss her gorgeous behind! Very kinky and sensual!
While the rest of this movie was bland at best, the sight of Shauna O'Brien and Leslie Olivan enjoying pretty Jacqueline Lovell's lucious nude body while she's in a drugged haze was just so incredibly hot! I applaud whoever wrote this scene for their creativity and imagination. It was wonderful!

I really didn't like this lesbian scene. The build up was great with 2 brief kisses before hand and two threesomes, but the lesbian scene itself was just another threesome with the Private Investigator replaced with his girl. There was no passion between the girls, and one sat out while the other just licked away. The fact the girl was drugged didn't help, it seemed very dull.
The rest of the movie and the build up to this scene was excellent for this type of movie, but the scene itself was one of those "If I was the director.."

Martin Howe:
This was shown on British TV yesterday and the threesome scene may not be as realistic as some would like but if you are looking for a detailed, protracted and well thought out scene in a mainstream erotic thriller then they don't come any better than this. That said , the dancing scenes were a hoot and could have done with some lesbian loving as filler in the background.