The Curse of El Charro

Mainstream Movie

(USA, 2004)

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KellyDawn Malloy & Tabitha Stevens
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Plot: (from Fearless)

Plagued by nightmares and her sisterís suicide, Maria joins her friends on a road trip to a vacation home in a remote desert town. Once there, she finds herself hunted by El Charro - an ancient evil driven to exact a brutal revenge on Mariaís lineage.

Lesbian content:

One of her friends is goth girl Rosemary. When they're partying in the house they're staying at, a local girl makes eye contact with her. They later meet each other inside the house, and the other girl comments how much she likes her make up. Rosemary says to her that she can help her putting on the same make up if she wants to. This was obviously just an excuse for them to be able to get away from the others. Rosemary do put on some make up on the other girl, but they soon begin to kiss each other, and then they proceed to have sex in a shower.