Ci qing
a.k.a. Spider Lilies


Lesbian Movie

(Taiwan, 2007)

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Rainie Yang & Isabella Leong
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Plot: (from Wikipedia)

Jade (Rainie Yang) is a webcam girl, who broadcasts herself nightly on the internet to anonymous users. She seeks a tattoo, which leads her to the studio of tattoo artist Takeko (Isabella Leong), who also happens to be Jade's childhood crush. Jade becomes entranced by a large tattoo of golden flowers—spider lilies—on Takeko's arm. She wants the same design, but Takeko refuses, telling her that the flowers are cursed.

Takeko's father, who was killed in an earthquake, had the same tattoo on his arm. Her younger brother witnessed the incident and was traumatised by it, left with no memory except for the image of the flowers. Takeko decided to get the same tattoo, in the hope that it would help her brother's recovery.
Nevertheless, Takeko finds herself drawn to Jade, and begins designing a new tattoo for her.

The still-images from this great movie have been captured from the Taiwanese 2-disc DVD release.

Images #1 - #122 are from the theatrical movie version found on disc 1.

Images #123 - #133 are from the Taiwanese movie premiere footage found on disc 2. Isabelle Leong is a pretty popular music artist in Taiwan, and a number of her female fans are in the audience when the cast members are being presented. At one point, they begin to shout "Kiss! Kiss!..", and when Isabelle and Rainie Yang do give each other a kiss, the girls in the audience go absolutely wild!

Images #134 - #156 are from a deleted scene found on disc 2. The director said she utlimately decided to remove this kissing scene from the theatrical version since it was "too hot".