Choses secrètes
a.k.a. Secret Things

Mainstream Movie

(France, 2002)

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Two young attractive women working in a Paris dark type cabaret are sacked by the cabaret owner who intended to prostitute one of the two women.
The two women now jobless sharing the same appartment decide as a revenge on men to use their natural beauty and their charms to climb up the social ladder and that any feeling of love or tenderness is an unnecessary weakness.

Sabrina Seyvecou, Coralie Revel & unknown

There are 5 lesbian scenes although 3 of them in fact turn into a threesome involving a man.

There is some attraction between Seyvecou and Revel but the movie is not 100% lesbian. The kissing between the two women is awesome and you can also see them fingering each other in a rather explicit way.