But I'm a Cheerleader
(USA, 1999)
               Category/Genre:   Lesbian Movie   
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Lyonne is pretty, popular and a cheerleader. But!! Soon enough, her parents and friends put two and two together and come up with: lipstick lesbianism!
They decide to send her to "True Directions" a place where they make teens "normal" and whose motto is "straight is great". Locked up with a bunch of other sexually confused teens, she getts involved with another girl, DuVall, and let's just say that, when the sun goes down so do they.

Natasha Lyonne & Clea DuVall

Lyonne is alseep and is having a fantasy of DuVall and her laying down kissing heavily with tounges holding hands.

Natasha Lyonne & Clea DuVall

Lyonne and DuVall are sitting next to eachother in the back of the class as their watching a film and DuVall puts her hand on Lyonne's arm.

Natasha Lyonne & Clea DuVall

When Lyonne sees a girl grabing DuVall's butt on the dancefloor in a gay club, she storms out. DuVall follows her and finds her sitting at the back. She asks her why is she getting upset and Lyonne answers that she couldn't care less about what happens between that girl and her and that DuVall can do whatever she wants. DuVall asks her "What I really want?!" and suddenly kisses Lyonne.

Natasha Lyonne & Clea DuVall

One night Lyonne wakes up and looks towards DuVall's bed and finds her awake as well. They look at each other a little bit and then get up and leave the dorm. The next scene lasts a couple of minutes and it shows them cuddling and kissing each other. There's no nudity but it really shows how much they love each other. The actresses did a good job!

There's no nudity in scene #2, but it really shows how much they love each other. The actresses did a good job!
I thought this movie was really funny and sweet at the same time. You find all the girls having to wear baby-pink clothes and all the guys baby-blue, and the tasks they have to preform to graduate as straight are just....tickly-funny!

Build-up: 4   Kissing: 4   Love-scenes: 3   Movie overall: 5
Natasha Lyonne plays a young girl who is sent by her parents to a school (for gay boys and lesbian girls) for deprogramming. The school, however, rather than reinforcing compliance with sexual stereotypes, actually ends up encouraging (through close proximity) a fulfillment of the student's sexual desires.
A romance develops slowly and believably between Natasha Lyonne and Clea DuVall. The girls start off hating each other, but end up falling in love.
The girls kiss several times -- once outside a bar; again to consummate their relationship; and lastly as part of the film's conclusion. The kisses are gentle and tender -- in hilarious contrast to the open-mouthed, stick-your-tongue-down-my-throat-while-I-look-bored smooches Lyonne has with her boyfriend earlier in the film.
he message of this film is be true to yourself.
The cheerleading theme actually takes on more poignancy than one would expect. The movie is breezy and colorful. There are also some fun focus-on-her-tits and up-her-skirt crotch footage of cheerleaders performing during the opening credits.
Amazingly, the girls get to live happily-ever-after (which is a refreshing change from how most lesbian features tend to end). This is a very enjoyable film which I highly recommend.

Build-up: 3   Kissing: 3   Love-scenes: 2   Movie overall: 3
A nice movie, reminded me of how my parents tried to make me go straight..ok they didn't send me away to a special school but kept making me dress all girly and go out with boys. The main couple are great they really have good chemistry together. I'm a big fan of Clea DuVall, she shines as the rebelious lesbian in this film.

Build-up: 5   Kissing: 5   Love-scenes: 1   Movie overall: 4
Deliciously funny! Very rarely does a film exaggerate charaters so succefully and keep the humor of the film without insulting their intelegence. Cleverly shot immages that enhance the comedy. I especially enjoyed the "underground homo-railroad" aspect and positive happy ending. Kissing scenes beautifully photograghed.

But I'm a Cheerleader is a light comedy. The story is simple a Cheerleader played by Natasha Lyonne is sent to a deprograming camp for gay and lesbian youths called True Directions after her parents realize she is gay. Their evidence is a "suspicious" poster and tofu. At the camp Lyonne tries to be the model student. But sparks fly between Lyonne and DuVall. The saying is true opposites do attract and Lyonne and DuVall start up a heated relationship. In the end Lyonne and DuVall do end up with eachother after several obstacles get in their way.
I loved this movie I believe it truly is underated and thought it was funny yet had a very touching side towards the end of the movie. Lyonne and DuVall have great chemistry together! Rent this movie, buy this movie but you should watch it!

Build-up: 4   Kissing: 5   Love-scenes: 4   Movie overall: 5
The whole movie is a satire, showing us all that you can't be "deprogrammed" and be straight again after you've crossed the line. From beginning to end, this movie is so hilarious!
Natasha Lyonne's character has feelings for girls and her parents over-react about it, sending her to a special program which only sends her into the belly of the whale, directly into the arms of a girl who she really clicks with. It would be like going to an AA meeting as a alcoholic and finding that all the talk about drinking just makes you want nothing more than a drink. Clea DuVall is also beautiful and wonderful in this movie, as is Natasha.
The main love scene, for me, is the one quoted above where the two girls sneak off together after lights out. A really sweet song is playing on-screen as we watch them make love, after a lot of build up as they get to know each other and start having fun with each other. I call this scene explicit because I believe it depicts Clea's character pentrating Natasha's with her fingers and Natasha having an orgasm. I like explicit. The rest is super-sweet but not corny.
In the end, you feel really happy for these two as they run off together with other gay pals who support their being just who they are, not what their parents want them to be.

Build-up: 3   Kissing: 4   Love-scenes: 5   Movie overall: 5
But I'm A Cheerleader, is a very good movie, that's not only a laugh riot, but it shows how hard some things are, when you're gay. Clea DuVall plays her character very well, which helps the overall feel inside of the house. It's defiently added to my collection. I recomend it to anyone who loves Clea, or just likes to laugh.