Les Blessures assassines
a.k.a. Murderous Maids

Mainstream Movie

(France, 2000)

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Love scenes:4.0 
Movie overall:4.0 

Explicitness:  4

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Build-up  4 Kissing  3 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  4

The movie, literally translated into In Cold Blood (the english title is Murderous Maids), tells the true story of the Papin sisters in France during the early 1930's and of how they murdered their widowed employer and her younger daughter.

Sylvie Testud & Julie-Marie Parmentier

If one can distance themselves from the fact that Testud and Parmentier are playing sisters, and therefore the sex scenes are actually incest, one can get a better grasp.
The director always has a slight detachment during these scenes, and they come across as stilted or awkward, as though the sisters know it is wrong.
The first scene, shows Parmentier, who is a bit of a naive simpleton, innocently undressing in front of Testud. After she is dressed, she climbs into bed with Testud briefly, before returning to her own bed to go to sleep. Testud remains awake, and slides her hand between her legs and pleasures herself.
Later on, there are examples of Testud keeping her desire for Parmentier in check, such as when they start to play and Testud has Parmentier pinned down on the bed. Testud abruptly departs, leaving Parmentier to wonder what has happened.

Sylvie Testud & Julie-Marie Parmentier

The next scene, Parmentier is laying on her bed, looking somewhat depressed, and Testud comes over and cheers her up, they end up with Parmentiers hand on Testud's breast and Testud's hand on Parmentier's thigh. Parmentier doesn't realize what is going on, and sees her sister's breast. Testud looks at Parmentier differently than she has before, and Parmentier, sensing that something has changed, covers Testud's breast with her hand and looks away.
Testud however, slides her hand up Parmentier's thigh and to her crotch, starting to pleasure Parmentier. Parmentier looks at Testud, wondering what is going on, before trying to turn away. Testud presses onward, and Parmentier finally gives in. After, Parmentier lays on the bed, eyes almost closed, not totally sure what has just happened. Testud strips on front of her, starts to look somewhat crazy and starts to unbutton Parmentier's nightgown. Parmentier, from then on, embraces the relationship, not knowing it is wrong, since her sister tells her it isn't. They stand, naked and Testud embraces Parmentier before kissing her.
They eventually wind up on the bed again.

Sylvie Testud & Julie-Marie Parmentier

In the third scene, Parmentier, naked, is kissing an equally naked Testud's back trying to get a response from her. They start to kiss again.

Sylvie Testud & Julie-Marie Parmentier

The last true scene is when Parmentier and Testud are naked, and in a passionate kiss when their employer walks in on them. Testud, mentally unstable kills her and her daughter, Parmentier walking in on the carnage, stabs them, though after they are already dead.

Parmentier is a very naive, trusting person, who is corrupted by her sister's madness. Even after they've murdered, she doesn't quite grasp what she's done, and thinks they've simply taken a nap. The movie takes out a lot of the sensationalism that has been marked in the earlier stories, instead focusing so much on the actual sisters, that it doesn't even have a musical score. While the characters are made more human and sympathetic, it makes the murders all the more abhorrent, leaving the audience simply unable to understand the deed performed. And perhaps, that is the scariest part of all.