Bitch & Butch
(Sweden, 2001)
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This is a documentary about the filming of a lesbian erotic short movie. The production of this 18-minute movie, titled Selma & Sofie, has been financially supported by the swedish government! That's the proper way to spend our tax money if you ask me.
The entire film crew is made up of women and they decided to look for a real lesbian couple to play the two leading roles, this in order to make the love scenes look as genuine and believable as possible. They placed ads on the net and found Camilla and Sara, two girls from a small town in northern Sweden.
Selma & Sofie is about a girl who's in a relationship with a guy, but when she decides to take swimming lessons, she ends up falling in love with her swimteacher.

Camilla Carlsson & Sara Lindkvist

Throughout the documentary, short sequences are shown from the three scenes in "Selma & Sofie". The three scenes take place in the swimming pool, the shower at the bathing house and on a bed. It doesn't go beyond kissing in the documentary though.
Apart from footage from the movie, there are also interviews with Camilla and Sara, where they among other things talk about how they met, their first nervous date and how they feel about participating in this movie. There is also some very nice fotage of the two of them off the set.

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