Bikini Royale 2:
The Right to Bare All


Erotic Movie (B)

(USA, 2010)

Average rating
Love scenes:0.0 
Movie overall:0.0 


Review this movieActresses known to appear
in lesbian scenes:

Brandin Rackley, Beverly Lynne &
Dena Kollar
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Plot: (from DVD Movie Guide)

Bikini Royale 2: The Right to Bare All follows Tanya X (Beverly Lynne), an agent with the Bureau of International Knowledge and Nonstandard Investigations (BIKINI). She’s assigned to infiltrate Madame Zola’s, a high-priced brothel. Madame Zola (Brandin Rackley) has been ferrying nefarious agents through her establishment, and BIKINI has lost touch with Jill X, an operative working on the case. Tanya’s boss sends her to finish the investigation and rescue Jill.