Bestia nel cuore, La

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(Italy/UK/France/Spain, 2005)

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Stefania Rocca & Angela Finocchiaro
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Plot: (from Independent Critics)

Sabina, who dubs TV films for a living, lives with fellow actor Franco. They're very much in love and seem not to have a care in the world, until a nightmarish memory resurfaces from Sabina's early childhood. It regards her dead father, and what he did to her one night in their home. Sabina feels too ashamed to unburden herself to Franco or her two best friends, the blind Emilia and her dubbing director Maria. Yet she is disturbed enough to fly to the U.S., where her brother Daniele has settled. From him, she will learn the terrible truth.

Lesbian content: (from Making of Europa)

Emilia (Stefania Rocca) is a thirty year old girl who went blind at twenty realizing it slowly. She still haven't got over her condition and this is the reason why she is furious, she withdraws into herself and is wrapped up in her memories. She was born homosexual and is deeply in love with Sabina (Angela Finocchiaro). Actually Sabina is the first person she met, the first one she saw, and the first one who stayed at her side all that time. Therefore she is the only one she feels she can see since she saw her before going blind.