Bar Girls
(USA, 1994)
               Category/Genre:   Lesbian Movie   
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   Reviewer:  nina  (Scene-descriptions #1,2,4 & 6: Niclas)     Correct/Add Info    Review this movie!

It's about this woman who isn't having luck in the romantic field and she goes to this bar and finds her true love but doesn't realize it yet that she is the one for her.

Nancy Allison Wolfe & unknown

Nancy Allison Wolfe kisses her soon to be ex-girlfriend at a beach.

Liza D'Agostino & unknown

D'Agostini kisses her soon to be ex-girlfriend in a car.

Nancy Allison Wolfe & Liza D'Agostino

This scene is where they're in Nancy Allison Wolfe's bedroom and they're telling each other how much they love each other and start kissing each other and etc...

Nancy Allison Wolfe & Liza D'Agostino

Nancy Allison Wolfe is being visited by a friend when D'Agostino shows up. The two of them give each other a kiss.

Nancy Allison Wolfe & Camila Griggs

This scene is where Nancy Allison Wolfe is upset and invites her enemy Camila Griggs for drinks and Griggs is drunk and she starts running her mouth about Nancy Allison Wolfe's relationship with D'Agostino. Then they stand up and Griggs has her aginst the wall and start kissing her until they're on the bedroom floor kissing and fondling each other's breasts.


Earlier in the movie, a very heterosexual and overly feminine girlfriend of Nancy Allison Wolfe suddenly had a revelation when the two of them sat in a restaurant and a waitress flirted with her. When the waitress leaved, she told Nancy Allison Wolfe that what she just felt was amazing and that she's now gay! She walked into the restaurant as heterosexual and leaved as gay! How about that? :) She also asked Nancy Allison Wolfe if she could introduce her to some of her lesbian friends. At the end of the movie, you can see her in the bar making out with a rather butch and cute girl, which she earlier had explained was exactly what she was looking for.

I like this movie cause it not all about sex it about love and keeping a relationship going and finding out that the person that u find might turn to be true one.

Build-up: 3   Kissing: 4   Love-scenes: 3   Movie overall: 3
This would have been a better film if the quality of the acting improved. The story is refreshing, let's us see a part of lesbian subculture free of many "hetro" roles and explores some complex emotional issues w/in relationships.

Build-up: 4   Kissing: 4   Love-scenes: 4   Movie overall: 5
I loved this movie because of the honest characters, especially the main character played by Nancy Allison Wolfe. Some of the lines were cheezy but most were witty. The most important thing was that the girls were lesbians and they were beautiful!
I thought the love scenes were very sexy between Wolfe and D'Agostino because it was all touching and telling each other how much they loved one another instead of just getting it on. It made that relationship special and genuine unlike a one night stand. I liked how the hot and heavy scene played into the movie.
Some of the acting and writing could have been improved but Nancy Allison Wolfe was fabulous though. You could tell it was a low budget film but a good low budget film. I think any lesbian could relate to this movie.
Don't miss Chastity Bono's one liner, it's great!