Awakening of Gabriella
(USA, 1997)
               Category/Genre:   Erotic Thriller   

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A woman (Susan Featherly) leaves her cheating husband and moves to Los Angeles where she eventually becomes a dancer at a strip-club. One night, a woman (Jeannie Millar) shows up at the club. She watches her dancing and afterwards, she says to Featherly that she has a offer for her. She will receive a lot of money if she would dance privately for her and a wealthy man in his house.

Susan Featherly & Jeannie Millar

Featherly and Millar make love in a pool while the man is watching.

Susan Featherly & Anna Kaminskaia

Kaminskaia, the house-maid, is helping Featherly to become a lady. In this scene, the two of them are sitting on the grass facing each other. They are supposed to Meditate but Featherly's mind is constantly drifting away. She's fantasising that she and Kaminskaia meet each other on a beautiful Meadow, fall in each others arms and make love.

The pool-scene is beautifully shot, the girls attractive and the two of them are not totaly uncomfortable in it but the scene did nothing for me. Perhaps it's the fact that this man is watching them...The second scene isn't much better allthough the man is out of the picture. My favorite scene in this movie is instead the scene where Featherly dances on the stage with Millar watching her. I love when girls are dancing to please other girls.

I have just bought this on DVD and found it a big disappointment. I would not even give the kissing a mark of one and I found all the so called Lesbian content staged. Whereas the man on woman sex scenes were pretty raunchy, I found the woman to woman scenes disappointing. The video caps looked so erotic but this Playboy production failed to deliver big time. If they're looking for a director, I'm available!