Avere vent'anni


European 1970s/1980s

(Italy, 1978)

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Gloria Guida & Lilli Carati
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Two girls meet each other on a beach and realise they have a lot in common. They're young and free-spirited, and with their beauty they have absolute power over men. They decide to hitch-hike to Rome, and seek out a commune where they believe they can live their life the way the want to.

Lesbian content:

The girls begin to look upon men as weak creatures, as they are always doing anything they tell them to. The sex they have with two guys isn't particulary satisfying either, so eventually they turn to each other for satisfication. Later on, Gloria Guida's character is forced to take a job, much to her disliking, and she seeks out a modeling agency. The woman she meets demands sex from her in exchange for a modeling contract.