(France/UK/Germany/Switzerland, 1982)
               Category/Genre:   European 1970's/1980's   

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A man takes his yacht to a Greek island, and stays in the mansion of his friend, Count Orloff. The Count organizes a feast there, for three days and three nights, which is the reenactment of the love cult of the Goddess Aphrodite.


Initially, there is an outdoor scene, where a woman demonstrates on her maid to her husband and female friend, how she was seduced by her lover. She kisses and strokes the maid's breast and then kisses the maid. Approximately 2 minutes long.


Another scene involves the same woman seducing her friend in a bedroom. A sensual 4 minute scene with some fingering and the woman going down on her.


There is an orgy scene where there are lesbians involved including the above subjects. The whole orgy scene is over ten minutes long.


I also remember watching this movie. Sadly, the beautiful young actress on the box cover does not get involved in any girl/girl scenes. However, the best lesbian scene is the one involving the two female friends who do a "skit" together (it's all loosely part of the movie plot, performing these ancient Greek skits). Their skit involves an older woman seducing a younger girl.
After their performance the two enter a darkened room together, and the blonde woman begins kissing her brunette friend passionately. It was really pretty hot. I especially loved the way the brunette played the passive role, laying back onto the bed while the other woman kisses her. At one point she rolls over onto her stomach, and her blonde friends caresses her exposed butt. Very nice!