Amour de Femme


Lesbian Movie

(France, 2001)

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Raffaëla Anderson & Hélène Fillières
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Jeanne, 35, is a successful osteopath in Paris, offering healing to others through massage and touch. Married, with a son of seven years, Jeanne goes through the motions of a happy marriage though something unsettled brews from within.
Attending a party with her husband, she meets a professional dancer named Marie, with whom she forms an immediate bond. Recalling times when she used to dance, Jeanne resolves to take lessons from Marie. Through dance, she begins to reacquaint herself with her own body and with the expression of inner passion, which has been lacking in her marriage. When Marie reveals her sexual attraction to Jeanne, almost immediately Jeanne realizes that she feels the same way. Then, it's only a brief matter of time before she falls in love - shocking a close friend in whom she confides, angering her husband as his suspicions of an affair grow stronger,and overwhelming Jeanne herself with waves of passion that lift her ever higher... and carry her farther from the life she has known.

Lesbian content:

A lot obviously.. Instead I want to say something about Raffaëla Anderson (the shorter girl with curly hair), who plays Marie. First of all I must say that her charisma is amazing, she's simply irresistable in this movie! Raffaëla is also a former adult movie actress, which surprised me a lot when I first found out. French adult movie actresses look quite different than their U.S. colleagues I must say.
More importantly though is that she's a lesbian in real-life. She spoke about this when she was interviewed about her role in Virginie Despentes' highly controversial movie Baise-moi. She said: "For a start, I was embarrassed for my partner. I’m gay and I didn’t want her to see me having sex with men.