L'amore imperfetto
a.k.a. Love Is Not Perfect


Mainstream Movie

(Italy, 2012)

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Anna Foglietta & Lorena Cacciatore
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Plot: (from New York Times)

Elena is a beautiful, accomplished woman who has an unhealthy obsession with perfection. Elena's well-ordered life is thrown into chaos, however, when she meets Adriana, a seductive young woman who offers passion and excitement, and Hector, an older man who offers Elena stability and security.

Lesbian content:

So who will she choose? If the only deciding factor was sexual attraction, there would be no competition. The girl drives her wild with lust, and she makes her do things she never dreamed she would be doing, such as having phone sex. Adriana even makes her put the phone between her legs, while on speaker.
Elena quickly realises though that Adriana is too immature and too young for her (Elena is 35 and Adriana is 18), so she tries to end it with her, but for Adriana the rejection is just another game to play.